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Managment Profile

Mr. Sanjeev Hooda

Mr Sanjeev Hooda is a recognized entrepreneur of the industrial oil industry with a particular penchant for an eco-friendly, toxic-free, healthy world. He has a strong body with a healthy mind ingrained in his business vision, and he likes to keep alive his fitness fad by being a regular participant in marathon running. Being very keen on a fitness diet and control over his taste can be observed in the trim size of his body and muscular build up. Darjuv9, under the able guidance of the Hooda family, is destined to reach new milestones ahead.

Managment Profile

Mr. Abhay Gahlot

From an early age and with a curious mind, Mr Abhay Gahlot wanted to be an entrepreneur. With the spirit of curiosity to try something extraordinary to make a difference, he thought of a venture that empowers people like him by providing the best quality products through a technology-driven system, thus earning trust and customer satisfaction. He was eager to learn more about the most up-to-date and popular marketing trends. His enthusiasm for exploring morphed into a desire to help others. He comprehended the people's requirements and started an excursion to progress. He believes that "Curiosity can make you an entrepreneur". Today, with a prudence outlook and a determination to transform the world, he has become the cradle to seek inspiration from and emulation with a progressive perspective.