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About Darjuv9

Mr Sanjeev Hooda, an avid fitness enthusiast who had actively participated in the marathon runs for many years, thought of an idea to provide Premium healthcare products that are unmatched in quality and effectiveness.

Over two decades in the oil industry, Mr Sanjeev Hooda's dream was to make a big difference in his life and that of others. As he was looking for the right platform, he met Mr Jitender Dagar, who had years of experience in the direct selling industry and was bubbling with great ideas to revolutionize the health and wellness industry. He then teamed up with Mr Jitender Dagar and a group of leading biologists and herbalists to fulfill their vision and founded DARJUV9 in 2018. Mr Jitender Dagar, who had a thorough knowledge of the products, industry and consumer preferences, guided the Company to newer heights.

Darjuv About
Darjuv About

And in their quest, they embarked on a journey towards creating a better world that would benefit and foster a framework enhancing consumer delight while enriching the lives of people associated with the business by promoting free enterprise and success in togetherness.

Over the years, the Darjuv9 has made a phenomenal advancement towards its goal by creating a healthier world with its high-quality products at very reasonable & affordable prices and making individuals financially independent with its diligent marketing model. Our product range includes Health Care, Personal Care, Hair Care, FMCG, Agro, Home Care and Skincare products. The products come with a 100% satisfaction & product return policy. The Company endeavors to constantly offer exceptional products that would reinstate everyone's belief in nature and its rejuvenating powers, thus helping in restoring the body's equilibrium.

The Company always aims to render the right kind of products for the betterment of society and build a sustainable and rewarding environment. Darjuv9 focuses on promoting the heritage of India along with augmenting health. We strongly believe in the Hon'ble Prime Minister's principle of Make in India in letter and spirit. Our product ingredients include ancient, trusted, rare and exquisite herbs, which we obtain from the best sources worldwide.

Darjuv9 strongly believes that we are born to attain excellent health, wealth, success, prosperity, and happiness. Therefore, we strive hard to provide our distributors with all possible opportunities to help realize their dreams and aspirations and convert the possibilities into reality.

With thousands of happy associates and millions of delighted customers, Darjuv9 has become a trusted household name in India and is currently expanding its horizon. While our aim remains to be the best in what we do, we stand committed to our mission of becoming the best Indian Company.

Darjuv About



DARJUV9 has never tested any of its herbal ingredients nor finished products on animals. DARJUV9 is against animal testing.


We continuously strive to become carbon neutral in all our operations saving energy & optimizing our supply chain.


People - People inclusivity is our strength Planet - We strive for solutions respecting the environment Product - We access the expertise of the world to invent.

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We're going to help you turn your dreams into reality. Work for yourself and earn endless rewards with life-changing premium products.

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There is no limit to your earning potential with DARJUV9. It's more like 24X7 freedom. DARJUV9 will give you all the tools and support necessary to reach there.

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Start earning great income as a DARJUV9 certified distributor. Find out your way to lead you to the life you've dreaming.