What makes the body bar unique?

Luxurious, restorative skin care body bar that is exclusively formulated by hand, in-house with pure, herbal ingredients with a high percentage that are organic, wildcrafted, natural, and eco-friendly.

Crafted to the highest standards and ingredient quality, Body bar is perfect for the whole family.

To top it all off, we hand-select each ingredient suited to all skin types.

Why Choose Our 100%
Unscented Soap bar

Completely unscented, this natural soap bar contains no added colours or chemicals.

It’s also free of synthetic foaming agents that can easily irritate skin.

Instead, it’s full of ayurvedic natural ingredients to keep your skin soothed and hydrated.

Inside DARJUV9 Soap bar

Soap has a long and chequered history with mentions stretching through the Old Indian Testament - the earliest soaps being simple mixes of oils with fire ash, clay or sand. Our body bars are made the traditional Indian way, but with our own innovative twist.

We've developed our own bespoke soap base in-house, which is made from Gandhak Pishti Oil, Chalmongra, Neem Oil, Syzygium, Atomaticum, Aqua Minerals among many others.

  • The Anti-Aging Solution
  • Anti-Bacterial & Fungal Antiseptic
  • Skin Firming & Tightening
  • Repairs Cells
Beautiful Skin Naturally
Unleash the Vibrant and Youthful
Glow of your Skin with Mangosteen
Use triclosan-free DARJUV9 body bar soap.

Naturally antibacterial, filled with essential oils, herb extracts and other essential plant oils.

  • No Chemicals
  • No Fragrance
  • Suphate Free
  • Paraben Free
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