At DARJUV9, your lifestyle rewards grow with your business. Our Domestic and International tours are all about helping DARJUV9 community truly live the Lifestyle of their Dreams, which is driven by our motto: “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”.

Explore. Engage. Enjoy.

Becoming the exclusive DARJUV9 brand advocate can be a great way to secure startup success.

  • Explore: Great opportunities outside the realm of traditional 9-to-5 job.
  • Engage: In a world with unimaginable opportunities.
  • Discover: A community of like-minded individuals.

Amazing lifestyle trips that will motivate and reward the brand advocates that have done their very best to support your life goals.

Sales Incentive Trips

Our Sales Incentive trips give all DARJUV9 brand advocates the amazing opportunity to cater to certain qualifications and earn a premier trip to a world-class destination.

The qualification period allows the Brand Advocates to qualify by accumulating Travel Points (all ranks allowed).

In 2017, we were pleased to offer our Brand Advocates 3 luxury trips!

Lifestyle Rewards 2018 Sales Incentive Trip policy, DARJUV9

As a Brand Advocate, you must meet the qualifications for sales incentive trip. You will be notified in advance writing that you are qualified. We expect you must be actively building your DARJUV9 business and be a DARJUV9 member in good standing.

Also, all the trips are non-refundable and non-transferable. Spouse is defined as one’s husband or wife. Hereby, no cash substitutes are allowed. These trips are designed to promote learning experiences, team building and leadership bonding.

*You may only participate in this experience the first year you meet the qualification criteria.

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