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It's not 'Me' and 'I' and then everyone else. It's the quintessence of 'WE'. That in short is the story of DARJUV9. We pride ourselves on the authentic products we create. Yet our true pride is in the lives we transform through our incredible opportunity because changing lives is seriously our business. Extend your talents to a community of Leaders, Visionaries, Innovators, Dreamers and Doers.

We Don't Sell A Product, Our true Pride is in the Ancient principle of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" "the World is one Family" We transcend Every border. At DARJUV9, we believe our greatest legacy is what we do for people and how we do it. AND WE DO IT! Get to know who we are, and you'll see why DARJUV9 is so much more than just another direct marketing company. The time is Now. One World. One Family.

Core Values
  • Excellence

    It's not just how we create our products or how we sell, that makes them premium, it is how we do it all with excellence integrating the most authentic ingredients.

  • Community

    Own your life and dare to dream. DARJUV9 believes in fostering personal and professional development of its community with a rewarding business opportunity and a culture of service and gratitude.

  • Integrity

    DARJUV9 is a company built on principles. We believe there's no such thing as impossible and no substitute for good, authentic products. We believe in finding new innovative solutions to old problems.

  • Health

    DARJUV9 has developed pure genuine products with natural ingredients in scientifically tested formulas. We blend the best of science and nature to produce formulas that deliver incredible results.

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